TSV 2 25X1 Dose

  • TSV 2 25X1 Dose

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TSV-2, the only intranasal temperature-specific IBR-PI3 vaccine, gives cattle a head start on respiratory protection. TSV-2 quickly sets up a blockade at the natural route of infection (nasal passages) by stimulating the production of high levels of interferon, which provides general anti-viral activity. Safe for all classes of cattle including pregnant cows and young calves. Protects newborn calves that are less responsive to systemic vaccines. Newborn calves immune systems are naïve. Injectable vaccines can require 14 days or more to stimulate an immune response. TSV-2 goes to work in as little as 24 hours by stimulating local protection in the nasal tissue, the portal of entry for respiratory viruses. Young calves facing new conditions or shipping stress benefit from the low stress of TSV-2. It is administered intranasally (in the nose), which is less stressful to the calf than an injection. Some veterinarians recommend TSV-2 as a crisis intervention tool when the whole herd faces an IBR outbreak. Because IBR spreads so quickly through a herd, vaccinating animals that may become exposed with TSV-2 can help keep healthy calves from becoming sick.

Type Beef and Dairy
Tags Respiratory vaccine

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